Dot Trax is an Android application that will allow you to track activities ranging from bike rides to running to car trips. Not only will you be able to see your route and stats when you are finished, but you can share. Your friends can watch your progress live. Your position and route are constantly uploaded to our site and displayed on an interactive map. Simply mail your friends a link to your activity or share on Facebook.

Your activities are not limited to stats and a map. You can also save pictures and points of interest to help tell the story of your experience to your friends. Are you doing a century ride and see an amazing view from the top of a hill? Share it with its location on your map.

Check out this sample track. Sample Track

Maximize your screen!

The biggest challenge in developing an app like this is to show you everything you want to see. We rose to this challenge by using a seekbar that allows you to decide whether you want to see the map, stats or both.

View The Map Fullscreen
View The Map With Stats
View The Stats

Bike Computer
Bike Computer

Do you want a GPS enabled bike computer but you don't want to shell out up to $400 for a Garmin? Dot Trax will perform the same function as your Garmin. Simply purchase a phone mount for your handle bars and use our high contrast screen to see your stats as you ride. Please remember that you are responsible for your own safety and that you should keep your eyes on the road when moving.